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May 16, 2024 | News

Background and purpose

As part of Work Package 5 in the MASS-IPV project, a survey has been designed that seeks to develop knowledge and demonstrate solutions to overcome current barriers to the widespread adoption of integrated photovoltaics (IPV). In this survey, IPV includes photovoltaics integrated into buildings, infrastructure, urban landscapes or other structures to accomplish seamless integration of solar energy generation into the built environment.

The goal of the survey is to identify subjective and objective challenges across the value chain that are currently hindering the widespread adoption of IPV. By targeting the full range of stakeholders involved in the IPV industry, the collected data could serve as a basis for developing strategies to facilitate the adoption of IPV.

Why participate?

By completing this survey, respondents will contribute their experiences, perceptions, and opinions to achieve a deeper understanding of the barriers that hinder the widespread adoption of IPV. Their participation is valuable for laying solid data that will aid in identifying which barriers to prioritize when developing strategies to overcome them.

What does participation in the survey entail?

Participants will be asked questions about their experiences, opinions, and general thoughts on factors related to market, financial, technical, awareness and acceptance, and regulatory aspects of integrated PV. They will also be questioned about relevant background information to establish their approach to the subject.

The survey is divided into five categories, along with a background section and a summary section. Each category is further divided into three sections: grading of barriers, ranking of barriers, and a category summary. In the grading section, participants will need to answer ten questions by giving a grade between -2 and 2, where -2 indicates a significant barrier and 2 indicates a significant driver. Participants can also choose to respond with “Don’t know” if they are unsure. In the ranking section, they will be asked to select the three factors they consider most significant. Lastly, the summary section is provided for participants to share their knowledge and any additional comments on the topic.

The time required to complete the survey will vary depending on the number of categories participants decide to respond to. The estimated time range for completion is between 10 and 30 minutes.

What will happen with the data that is gathered?

Anonymous data is gathered based solely on this agreement. Participation is voluntary, and the participant can withdraw from the survey at any time without having to provide a reason for this. Personal data or any data that could be traced back to the respondent is never stored or accessible to anyone taking the survey. Consequently, all data will be lost if the survey is closed before submission, and participants will not be able to withdraw once the survey is submitted.

Processing of the survey data will commence in June. The data will be accessible by the end of 2024 via the following link: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.11174869

Data analysis and any ensuing publications will also be included in this repository upon completion.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is responsible for the storage of data. For any inquiries regarding the survey or the project, please contact:

Steinar Valbø: steinar.valbo@ntnu.no

Francesco Goia: francesco.goia@ntnu.no 

By clicking “Send” at the end of the survey, the participants are giving consent for the publication of their anonymous answers.

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