The Project

Enabling Massive Integration of PV into Buildings and Infrastructure

Welcome to MASS-IPV, a European playground to overcome barriers for the PV integration in buildings and in infrastructure! The MASS-IPV project serves as a scale representation of the building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) market landscape in Europe. The consortium comprises a diverse range of enterprises, from manufacturers and system providers to planning offices and software developers. Together, they tackle financial, regulatory, societal, environmental, and technical challenges in the industry. Through innovative strategies, methods, tools, and technologies developed within the project, they aim to guide EU companies in expanding their business in PV- related technologies and services. Aligned with the EU's climate targets, the project focuses on renovating buildings to improve energy efficiency and promote decarbonization. As part of these efforts, five construction projects across Europe will be undertaken to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of their state-of-the-art innovations.