MASS-IPV Project at EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day

Mar 21, 2024 | News

The MASS-IPV project recently participated in the EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day, a significant event organized by the partners of the SEAMLESS-PV project and Solar Power Europe. The event was held in Brussels on February 21, 2024, providing a platform for key stakeholders to discuss strategies and priorities for the widespread integration of solar photovoltaics (PV) into buildings across Europe.

During the event, Bruno Bueno, the project coordinator for MASS-IPV from Fraunhofer ISE, delivered a compelling presentation on the project. He highlighted the project’s mission of revolutionizing photovoltaic integration and promoting sustainable building practices.

The EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day facilitated insightful discussions on various topics, including the EU’s renewable energy targets, legislative frameworks, and strategies for accelerating the adoption of building-integrated PV (BIPV) solutions. Participants engaged in workshops focused on scaling up solar buildings, enhancing BIPV manufacturing competitiveness, and upskilling professionals in solar architecture.

The event offered a valuable opportunity for MASS-IPV to showcase its innovative approaches to stakeholders from diverse sectors, including government agencies, industry players, research institutions, and environmental advocacy groups. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, MASS-IPV aims to drive the adoption of BIPV technologies and contribute to the sustainable transformation of the built environment.

As we look towards a future powered by clean and renewable energy, initiatives like the EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day play a crucial role in shaping policies, fostering innovation, and advancing sustainable development goals. MASS-IPV remains committed to leading the charge towards a more sustainable and solar-powered future in Europe and beyond.

Stay tuned for the latest developments and initiatives of the MASS-IPV project.

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